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Holy Shirt That Guy Was Fast!

The NoseSplash team was going over the tapes of Usain Bolt’s incredible record breaking 100m Sprint last night when we realized something. Usain Bolt wasn’t running a 100m race against the other runners. For him, it wasn’t a race at all. He was running a 100m victory lap. Usain Bolt is so fast, that as soon as the gun goes off he starts celebrating his victory because he knows he is going to win. Here at NoseSplash, that kind of unbridled confidence is near and dear to our hearts. So we created a t-shirt that celebrates that bold attitude. Now you can walk around letting people know that if they are competing against you, then they’ve already lost. To order a shirt, click on the store link at the top of the page.

The NoseSplash T-Shirt Monkeys are working hard on more designs and styles, so check back later to see what else we can cook up.

Also, if you’d like to see something from the site put onto a t-shirt, send us an email at with your suggestion!

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