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High Quality Matting For Any Floor Type

When it comes to resurfacing the floor of your home or workspace, matting offers a wide range of options that are both durable and affordable. As well as being versatile, mats can easily be installed and removed, which makes them a great solution no matter what your requirements.

Matting solutions can be indoor or outdoor and come in models such as entrance matting, anti-slip matting, anti-fatigue matting, gym matting, anti-slip products and rubber rolls. Some companies also cater to more unique requests with a range of specialist flooring that is created to your specifications.

But no matter what type of mats you’re looking for, there’s one place that should definitely be included in your search, and that’s Allway Matting Melbourne.


Best Floor Mat Supplier Melbourne

Allway Matting Melbourne has been around since 1995 and during its 20 plus years catering to home and business owners of Melbourne, it has built up a nationwide reputation of satisfied customers. Now, with stores located across the country, Allway has become one of the most reputable suppliers of matting in Australia.

Unlike large DIY depots that typically leave the customer lost, confused and unsure of where to find what they are looking, let alone whether or not there is a better alternative, Allway employ a team that really knows what they are doing. It’s actually quite refreshing to walk into such a large showroom and still be greeted as if you walked into a small family cobblers.

The company stocks the largest range of flooring we’ve seen in one place, and each and every product has been sourced by experts and is of the highest quality. The company has also done its dues on the cost too, as it seems extremely difficult to find even comparable prices, let alone cheaper ones.

Allway’s huge reach and customer base allows them to purchase products at a lower price point and instead of pocketing this extra profit, they decide to pass the saving onto the customer, which keeps people coming back, and referring others to the store.

Allway has locations, and official partners, in almost every city in the country, so whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Tasmania, you’ll be able to have your floors resurfaced quickly and professionally. If you can’t make it to one of the stores, then you’ll be able to have your initial consultation online, and a technician will then visit your property to finalize the plans and provide an accurate quote.

All matting provided by the company is of the highest quality is great value for money and all models can be customized to any shape and size. Mats come in almost any color imaginable. Plus, logos, branding and other graphics can be added if you wish.

With unbeatable customer service, great prices, and one of the largest choices of mats in the country, comes highly recommended.

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