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Caring for your new turf

Congrats! You’ve just finished laying out your new turf lawn, but now you’re not really sure what to do next…  

Well, in this easy to follow guide we will explain the steps needed to ensure your newly installed lawn remains lavish and green.

For starters you’ll need a few standard lawn items. If you don’t already have these items be sure to visit your local turf supplies shop to get what you need.

Follow these 3 steps to care for your new turf:

  1. Watering – Your newly laid turf does not need immediate fertilization but it does require H2O. Watering your new turf is the most important step you need to ensure a beautiful and long lasting lawn and is essential to the growth of your turf. Since water is absorbed through the roots only, watering only the leaves won’t do much. Water is also used as a coolant; failure to water on time can be very damaging.


Watering by Hand is okay, but not exactly accurate. Using a sprinkler is the preferred method of choice. However, using a timed sprinkler system can get you into trouble, because they tend to come on when it’s raining and this can lead to over watering.


Water your new turf twice a day for the first week, then 2‐3 times a week.  After 3‐6 weeks, only water once a week. Once your turf is established, it is best to water it before midday, so it will dry before the evening. New turf requires more water when it is growing. Therefore, during those months when you are mowing your grass more often, you should water the turf more often too.


  1. Mowing – Mowing your turf is a necessary maintenance when caring for your new beautiful lawn. You may need to mow it 2‐3 days after it is laid, but make sure that the turf is well rooted before you use a rotary mower. You can begin to mow your turf whenever it is over 30mm long.


Remember your lawn is alive, and can be sensitive to certain changes. Consistency is the key.  If you dramatically lower the height of cut when mowing or let the grass grow too long before cutting it, you can send your lawn into shock.


Roots should never be exposed. Darker green blades are made to withstand the heat of the sun. But roots and much more sensitive, so be sure to not rake about expose the delicate parts. Never remove more than 1/3rd of the grass height at any one time.


  1. Fertilizing – Fertilize your new lawn within 4 weeks following laying the new turf and then every two to three months thereafter. Every time you mow, you remove some of the nutrients so make sure that you give your new lawn a fighting chance by feeding it with a fertilizer only (no weed or moss killer) lawn product.



The first two to three weeks are the “critical phase” in the establishment of successful healthy new lawn from turf. So be sure to take the necessary steps and give it that same loving care you would a new born baby.

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