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Really Sweet Personalised Wedding Treats 

Few days are more important and more heavily planned than wedding days.  It is a special day for everyone who knows the happy couple and the couple themselves have undoubtedly had a long road to get to this point.  Every detail matters on a day this important, and most couples will have planned every detail meticulously to ensure everything is perfect.  An increasingly large part of these arrangements are the personal touches that makes this wedding day special and unique to this couple; the more unique the personal touches are, the more special they generally feel.  One of the more recent trends is to have personalised confectionary as a part of the wedding decorations; below is a selection of four creative ideas that might provide a unique and personal touch to any wedding.  If you are currently planning a wedding, maybe some of these ideas can help give your special day a little extra sweetness.

Personalised gift boxes

A simple one to start with, having a gift box adorned with the happy couples names or themed to match the wedding on the tables as wedding favours is an effective feature of any wedding table.  Within these boxes can be a selection of candy, again with theming or colours to match the wedding day, providing an elegant treat for wedding guests.

Personalised chocolates

It should not be news to anyone that you can buy chocolate with anything you desire written on it.  However, you can also buy chocolate bars similarly customised and there are wedding variations available as well.  You can have anything drawn or written on chocolate, from heat designs to the date or the happy couple’s names.  Whatever idea works for your wedding, get it on chocolate and wow your guests.

Customised Rock Candy

Rock candy has long been a staple of seaside towns in certain countries and it is quite a common practise to have the towns name written on the core of the candy so that it is visible at all times whilst it is being eaten.  So why not use the same idea and get the date of your wedding or even the bride and grooms names written inside the candy to celebrate with a sweet treat.

Customised Lollies

Why not get customised lollies with details of your wedding on them, or keep it simple and have the lollies in pairs of colours that are themed to your day.  As with any large purchase it is always wise to buy bulk custom lollies for your wedding at the same time, so make sure you are certain with your choices before you order and mistakes can be costly.  Given that these are special and often unique food items, many retailers may not be able to accept returns so please make sure you check the terms of sale and are completely sure before placing your order.

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