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No, we’re not a bunch of nosy people who just write about different topics and subjects… Oh wait!

I guess if you call a team of very curious individuals who gather and share their learnings and thoughts about various issues in life in general, NOSY – then that’s us! What can we do? We can’t help ourselves. There’s so much to learn and discover in this crazy, colorful and diverse world of ours for us to just sit around and do nothing. On that note, do you reckon you’d be a nice addition to the team?

Join us if you’re someone who enjoys exploring the unknown. Ok that sounds scary, it’s really not that extreme. One thing for sure though, we always have fun! And we do hope and endeavour to give our readers the same feeling. Drop us a line or two at and make us giggle, then we’ll consider if you’re cut out for this – maybe.

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