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5 Beautiful Mental Health Benefits from Swimming

swimming pool

Is there a more refreshing feeling than spending the day at the beach? Several trips down to the sea, floating around aimlessly under the sun, while the gentle waves ease your body up and down as though you’re laid out on the chest of a giant while they breathe peacefully. There’s just something incredibly majestic about the ocean, or water in general. Not only do we need water to sustain ourselves and remain hydrated, but we use it to bathe and cleanse our bodies, though it offers us so much more than that. Soulful hydration is arguably the best way to describe the feeling you get when your body comes into contact with water. Swimming is such a powerful drug which can do wonderful things for your state of mind.

In this post we’re going to explore the many mental health benefits of swimming and why it is so important to have in your life.

1 – All the Endorphins!

As with any other form of exercise, swimming releases endorphins in your brain, which make you feel amazing! For the sake of happiness and well-being, swim as often as you can. You get your daily exercise done and you’ll feel rather good about yourself afterwards.

2 – Wave Your Stress Goodbye swimming

Swimming is the perfect stress-relief tool, so rather than going for a run to clear your head, why not go for a dip instead? It’s the least strenuous form of exercise, which works your entire body. It affords you the opportunity to unwind and have some you time, whilst floating around in a relaxing environment.

3 – Feeling Anxious? Have a Swim

Anxiety is becoming more and more common today than ever before, which is why it is so important for people to take advantage of swimming as often as they can. It’s an especially effective way to relax your body and mind, so if you’re feeling anxious about anything, go for a dip and kiss that anxiety goodbye.

4 – Improved Blood flow Means a Healthy Brain

Swimming is fantastic for your circulation, and with improved blood flow comes a healthier brain. And of course, with a healthier brain comes improved mental health. It’s a beautiful chain of events which results in a healthier, happier you.

fresh5 – Feeling Blue

We’ve never really understood the term ‘feeling blue’, as it implies that the colour blue is linked with sadness. A deep, dark blue perhaps, though when you look at an aqua swimming pool, or the turquoise glow of the sea on a beautiful summers day, – well, you can’t help but feel quite the opposite! There’s no solid science behind it, though blue is typically associated with a feeling of calmness. Simply put, if you’re feeling down, go to the beach and if that doesn’t fix your mood then we don’t know what will!


Be Good to Your Pool

swimming pool

And your pool will (quite clearly) be good to you! If you’ve read this but your worried that your swimming pool might not be quite safe enough to swim in, then perhaps its high-time that you arranged a pool renovation? If your pool has fallen into disrepair, then get on to a reputable pool renovations company such as Perth Pool Co and remedy that immediately. You don’t have to swim every day but having a beautiful new swimming pool to enjoy will encourage you to use it at least several times a week!

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re struggling with your mental health, and you’ve been having more down days than usual, then it’s time to make a change! A new swimming pool renovation will be an exciting change and it can add value to your property as well. Simply put, there are countless reasons to do it, so do it.

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