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Would you trust a Pelican with your most valuable possessions?  


Ok, so obviously a real pelican wouldn’t be the best courier or guardian for your most treasured possessions, however there is a namesake that can truly claim to be the best protection you can buy.The Pelican Protector series by Aerolyte is one of the market leaders in protective transport cases.  The tests these cases have been put through is as extensive as it is slightly ridiculous with the company trying to push their product to the limits by putting it through some of the harshest environments on Earth.

aluminium suitcase Among the trials the Pelican Protectors have survived are Arctic storms with temperatures extreme enough to be fatal to humans in minutes and searing desert heat that could melt a lesser case.  It’s not just the limits of temperature that the Pelicans have been tested against but also improbable weather conditions.  The cases are built to survive severe storms including wind, rain, hail and anything else Mother Nature can throw at them.  The cases have been dropped from heights, not just buildings but out of planes and into active battle zones!  They have been tested against being crushed and can withstand a significant amount of pressure; and one has even been dropped in high up the Zambezi and left to float to the ocean before being collected.  Throughout all of this ludicrous testing, the goal has always been the same – ensure the contents of the cases is protected and recovered in the same condition it was sealed inside in.

So what could you possibly want all that protection for?  Well cases such as these are used to transport all manner of valuables around the world every day.  Shipping items such as precious jewellery, gemstones, expensive scientific equipment, important documents or historical treasures to name just a few glamourous examples.  However, everyday people that aren’t transporting items of national importance will find many uses for these cases.  If you want to transport anything remotely breakable through an airline, do you want to roll the dice with their baggage handlers and trust them to be gentle with your bags?  Or do you want to take matters into your own hands and use a case with a custom foam interior that will support and protect your breakables against anything the world can throw at it, including baggage handlers.
It sounds improbable, but research has shown that these cases, and other market leading products like them, truly are every bit as indestructible as they claim to be.  So sure are the manufacturers that their products will succeed, they offer to replace any contents damaged or destroyed, regardless of what it is.  Now, if you were responsible for protecting expensive, rare or unique items, would you make a promise like that, where a single claim could sink your company, unless you were completely confident in your product?  Unlikely is probably an understatement.

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