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Different corporate party ideas to get the creative juices flowing  

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When it comes to thinking up different corporate party ideas, you need to get creative! It’s easy to put together a standard party; but if you want to host an evening to remember, then you have to approach it a little differently.

In this post we’re going to share some ideas with you, to get the creative juices flowing. We’ll also look at the benefits of hosting a corporate party for your employees, and why it is almost certainly worth doing!

event managementSo, why bother with a corporate party?

Well, for one thing it’s a great way to boost employee morale. If you want to encourage hard work and inspire your employees to feel good about their achievements, then you need to be seen as recognising their efforts. What better a way to do that then thinking up some different corporate party ideas and rewarding them with an awesome bash!?

There are plenty of reputable and reliable companies out there, such as Funktionality; who will be able to help you put something together. That, and if you’re struggling for ideas, then hiring the professionals certainly can’t hurt!

In any case, here are some different corporate party ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

1 – Escape rooms followed by a sit-down meal, Gala style!

If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, then you should definitely check them out. In a nut shell, you can’t team your employees up (preferably mixing different departments together), stick them in a room full of puzzles and let them figure their way out. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun and it’s an awesome way of inspiring a little healthy competition among the ranks.

Following that, you can finish off with a Gala style event, with a sit-down meal, some great food and drinks and some evening entertainment. This is a great opportunity for you to pass out some awards, recognise key performers and to allow the escape room victors a platform to gloat from!

drink2 – Set out some interactive food and drink stations at your chosen venue

Why not try something different from your standard meal and drinks approach? How about having a cocktail station with some trained mixologists putting on an awesome flare’ display? And you can put out some buffet style spreads with a chocolate fountain, or some other customisable food options. This will get your employees off your feet and interactive with one another. – The key to a truly memorable event is providing an immersive experience.


The only limitation is your imagination

You don’t even have to remain within the realm of natural physics. You could even jump on the augmented  reality / VR band-wagon! Quite literally, the only limitation when it comes to different corporate party ideas, is your imagination.
Be creative but try not to over do it. You want to remain classy in your approach whilst ensuring that your event will be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. Reward and recognise your employees, stick to a reasonable budget, do you research and hey; even you might be able to have a bit of fun!

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