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Custom Event Banners

Events are great occasions to get exposure for your brand. Whether you’re a sponsoring company, or the one hosting the event, you’ll want as many people to know of your involvement and careful placement of event banners is a very effective way to achieve this.

Events simply aren’t complete without banners. Event banners are used for several reasons and due to their cheap cost, quick production time and overall versatility they are often the go-to option for signage. Not only are they utilized to help increase brand awareness, they can also serve a functional purpose of directing the flow of your guests or covering unsightly walls and other objects that might not suit your event theme.

Event banners are typically printed on vinyl or future board (corrugated plastic), and come in pretty much any size you require. Most print shops utilize large/wide format printers with a max vertical size of 66 inch, 142cm, so anything larger than this will be stitched together. When done professionally, these seams are completely unnoticeable, especially from a distance.

Vinyl and future board can be crafted into almost any shape, which allows you to be as creative as possible with the design and placement. Since the graphics are digitally printed, you can add as much detail and as many colors as you like.

Event banners aren’t only used for signage, they can also double-up as booth dividers, table skirting, stage skirting, as well as temporary cover and wind breakers. Furthermore, the durability of the vinyl or future boards means they can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times.

There are typically two ways to mount an event banner; punching riveted eyelets in the corners of the banners in order to hang it with rope or bungee cables, or simply fixing it to a wall with pins or nails.

The other commonly used option is to add a loop to the top and bottom hem in order to thread through a PVC (or similar) pipe. This helps keep the banner hanging flat, it also give you a frame from which to hang it from a nail like a painting.

Regardless of how you plan to mount your banner it’s a good idea to get both options done during the production process since you’ll likely be able to reuse it.

If you’re designing your own event banner make sure you work in high resolution 300dpi, and save your files in Photoshop/or illustrator files so further edits can be made, and high-res .tiff files which will be used for printing if the image is perfect and ready to go.

Event banners ensure that your brand gets the exposure it’s paid for. A good, well-designed event display complements your brand’s professional image and gets your name out to the wider masses.

So if you’re hosting an event, and you want to make sure that your sponsors and affiliated brands get the very best exposure, then check out the many options for your event banner and get started today!

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